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Date Title
24 Sep 2019 SIDN Labs: Experimenting with new internet infrastructures: SCION
25 Apr 2019 SCION newsletter: 2STiC
25 Apr 2019 SIDN Labs: New joint research programme to increase security, stability and transparency of internet communications
24 Apr 2019 2STiC: Enabling trust in network services through secure, stable, and transparent internets
1 Apr 2019 De Ingenieur: Een schitterend ongeluk
26 Feb 2019 SIDN Labs: Future internets: werken aan een beter internet


Date Title
1 Oct 2019 One Conference 2019: 2STiC programme: Security, stability and transparency of inter-networking communication
4 Sep 2019 Advanced Networking (ANET): Reflections on the History and Future of the Internet
15 Jul 2019 SIDN Labs BYOL: Evaluating future internet technologies
9 Jul 2019 Hack Talk 15: Stel dat we opnieuw zouden beginnen met internet, wat zouden we nu anders doen?
5 Jul 2019 SDN Workshop: 2STiC: Future internet technologies
20 Jun 2019 TNC19 side meeting: SCION border router with P4
20 Jun 2019 TNC19 side meeting: P4 2STiC testbed
4 Jun 2019 MORE-IP: The Internet: A wonderful accident
27 May 2019 ICSRI: ICT to support the transformation of Science in the Roaring Twenties.
11 Mar 2019 SURFnet TechX: Future internets
29 Nov 2018 SIDN Connect 2018: Workshop: The Internet at a cross-roads?
15 Nov 2018 ECP jaarcongres 2018: Workshop: The Internet at a cross-roads?
24 Mar 2018 RvT-vergadering: Netherlands Future Internet eXperiment (NFIX)